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this blog was written by a girl. azfarina was the name given. she's thirteen, fourteen on fourth of july nineteen ninety six. she's just an ordinary girl.she loves to sleep,eat,play,chatting && texting. she really hates backstabbers, especially that ******g guy. she's kind of cruel and really head strong. so, better dun mess up with her. bye :D

Saturday, October 24, 2009


hye kawan,
hr nie dah 25.10.2009. tinggal lagi 7 hari nak exam! kejap je daa smpi november. kite kene score A sbb nie peperiksaan akhir tahun! kalau x, nanti kene mara ngan CIKGU and PARENTS! bukan 2 je, its for our own good. so, lupekan psl semue bende, skrng pike psl BOOKS je. hope korang score A! BYE.

p/s: sayesukeSEJARAH!
(actually x pon)

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